How to Search Multiple Cities on Craigslist

in Craigslist is an online classified website. In fact, it is a really good one. However, the website and the service it provides is flawed. The website is city based, meaning you select your city. You are then able to search for apartments, used cars, jobs, and more, but you are only searching the listings under that one city. Craigslist is a great way to find a new apartment, a new home, a used car, a job, and just about everything in between, but it is limiting.

So, is there are way to eliminate those limits? Is there a way for you to search multiple cities on Craigslist and with ease? On the website itself, no, but there are software programs available that enable you to perform multi-city searches. The best part? Most are free and easy to download.

When many new Craigslist shoppers hear there are search tools to download, many ask why they should. Do you really need these software programs? As previously stated, you can search city based pages right from the website. The complication comes when you want to extend your reach. What if a parent is offering a $500 swing set for free, but you must drive 2 hours to pick it up? Despite the unnecessary travel, you are still likely to make the trip. With free products or good price, travel is worth it.

The greatest benefit of using Craigslist search tools is the saved time. You could spend hours or even days searching good deals and free products in the surrounding area. Wouldn't you rather spend your time doing something else? You can. With multi-city search tools, what took hours now takes minutes.

One search tool that comes highly rated and recommended is the Craigslist Reader. This program is available through Motion Technologies, at Since it is a multi-city search tool, you can do just that. Search multiple cities on Craigslist with ease. In fact, you can perform nationwide searches. Although most sellers prefer to arrange a local exchange of cash and product, some are willing to ship purchases across the country provided you pay for shipping.

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You can download the free Craigslist Reader to save time with multi city searches on Craigslist. Motion Technologies is your home for free searchable software for classified websites, including Craigslist.

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How to Search Multiple Cities on Craigslist

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This article was published on 2010/04/01